Animal Sounds & HD Photos App

“Animal Sounds & HD Photos App”, a fun educational app for kids.

Free entertainment application for users of Android. This free android application is specially made for children’s to discover a lot of animal sounds and images such as Pet Sounds, Birds sounds, Insects sounds, Farm animals sounds and Wild animals sounds.

For kids it’s hard to find the sounds of animals because for kids it’s too difficult to trying to recognize the sound of animals and then memorize the sounds that were taught to them by other people is tough for them. And at many times, the kids don’t know the sound of animals because the sounds taught to them by their parents are not actually right. For that reason, they launch the advanced app named by “Animal Sounds”, the app will definitely change as compared to previous apps.

With this free Android application the kids can easily learn the different sounds of animals more perfectly, and with the feature of images, they are easier for the kids to remember the animal sound.

The application allow you a system that is composed of animals pictures with the respective sounds that they make, the learning process of kids are much easier and pleasant as well as their parents or whoever is trying to train the kid animal noises.

Before making the app “Animal Sounds & HD Photos App” a lot of research was done already so kids can learn and make fun with the sounds of animals and that is most enjoyable and helpful way for kids.

Playing with this app is so easy even a beginner can easily play! With just a single screen tap, your child can have fun learning the entire sounds of animals from home, the jungle, and even the farmyard. Even a baby can easily play without the help of a parent!

The kid’s brain and their hearing memories are the types of memory where they need the small amount of effort to be able to remember the things because sounds and pictures are extremely simulated their mind in a way that text doesn’t do.

By addition both of animal’s pictures & animals sounds, the app Animal Sounds attains what lots of other Animal Sounds learning apps have failed to do. And one of the best things regarding this app is that, unlike other apps, it includes the sounds of many of animals with different noises and couple of animal images.

Animal Sounds provide your kid a plenty of choices so your child can easily find the one that suit and likes the most, not just how it actually looks but also how it sounds which is more significant.


– A large choice of animal sounds.

– All images have HD high quality.

– Easy to use: Just tap a single button to trigger a noises

– Press button to insert yours favorites on the keyboard.

– A pretty neat & ergonomic design

– Free and regularly updated

Special thanks to this app, your kid will now quickly find out animals that he didn’t even think existed and will obtain confident about learning concerning the nature of animals.

If you don’t discover the animal that your kid want to learn and you also like, so the app allows you to add your favorite animal and you can easily add them. What also could you ask for?

Maybe you would like to play all animals in an choice of slide show to teach you’re about all of them, or perhaps you would like your kid to get amazed about different animals by use of a random slideshow.

Well, for your kid these slides can easily achieve using Animal sounds.

But the thing that you think that this app only allow these features, so it’s not true, because the app “Animal Sounds” allows you much more features. If your kid listened an sound of animal and now they want to know which animal makes it or he just simply not remember about the animal, then make use of voice recognition he can find the animal and he can easily use the voice recognition of this app to simply find the exact animal that makes said sound.

Animals sounds comes with a lot of features and one of great feature of this app allows you to set your favorite animal sounds such as you can set sound for your mobile ringtone, for any particular contact or sms, alarm tone or phone notification. You can also put the app in landscape mode to see more images.

With same voice, you can lock the screen of your mobile, and with the shaking of your Smartphone you can play a lot of sounds, and through the mode of landscope, you can change more images.

Help any kid learn easily & enjoyable all the animal sounds that different animals make with this incredible Animal Sounds app which doesn’t be conventional in just delivery animals sounds and pictures. We believe in the satisfaction of the user, which is the main reason to keep introducing new really useful features.

You can discover sounds of birds with their images

You can find sounds of farm animals with their images

As well as pets, insects, and wild animals

You can add your own favorite animals

With use of photo slideshow you can quickly start a slideshow with HD pictures of animals and with simple shake of phone you can start sound as well

You can use voice recognition to find a particular animal

With simple shaking of phone you can play sound

Child protection, you can quickly lock your mobile screen so that your kid won’t tap on the wrong buttons

For more images you can use landscope mode

You can also set these different sounds of animals in your smartphone ringtone, for particular contact, sms, alarm tone, notification

If you have a suggestion to make Animal Sounds even more better, please do not hesitate to contact us! All thoughts and suggestions are welcome!